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The building where Channel 8 (TN) is housed in Buenos Aires caught fire today when a couple of employees that just don’t seem to understand the basics of electricity blew the breaker. Eight stations rallied to the fire. 

In the middle of the smoke and flames everyone seemed to forget the men and women who risk their lives in Argentina’s capital to protect others.

This is meant for them. The story is Fox News’. The images are mine.

A fire broke out Sunday at the complex housing Argentina’s Channel 13 and other media outlets belonging to the Clarin group, forcing employees to evacuate the facility in a section of southern Buenos Aires, but no one was hurt, the television channel said.

“There are no injuries,” Channel 13 reported on its Twitter account.

Everyone was told to leave the complex and cable network Todo Noticias, or TN, went down for a time, the channel said.

Several fire department units responded to the blaze at the complex in the Constitucion district.

The fire apparently started in a warehouse, Channel 13 said.

“There was lots of smoke and people were starting to get out, so we declared an emergency,” Buenos Aires emergency services chief Alberto Crescenti told Argentine media.

Jerry Nelson is an American freelance photojournalist now based in South America. Email him at and follow him on Twitter @ Journey_America