The National Geographic Society and magazine which has long stood for science, research, and investigation, is now owned by Rupert Murdoch, the man who owns and ‘programs’ ‘news’ on Fox. He now controls arguably the most prestigious scientific publication on the planet. That’s like putting Snoop Dog in charge of the ‘Just Say No’ club at your high school.

What type of articles can we look for in upcoming issues?

The Earth is not warming! Scientists have just mis-calibrated their thermometers.

A photo layout of Noah’s Ark with full color pictures animals walking up the ramp

The round Earth theory is finally debunked with tips for not falling off the edge.

‘Ancient’ French cave paintings revealed to be done by art students on holiday.

Is the Earth more than 6,000 years old? A religious scientist debates a ‘real one’.

Climate change is a natural phenomenon. Give us a hundred years to show you why.

Dinosaurs discovered with human remains in their teeth. A dentist offers tips on brushing.

Expose’! Fossils are not found by geologists, they’re assembled in factories in China!

An exclusive guide to the upcoming rapture for members and subscribers only

Animals in the wild are just like us!

Animals in the wild are just like us!