I recently had the pleasure of helping a young woman recognize her delayed start to the workplace and a need to course correct didn’t mean the chance to achieve her career dream was over. You can read how I showed Melissa it’s never too late to change careers in this article.

Working with Melissa reminded me how valuable it can be for younger women to get career perspective from a seasoned female professional. Then, this happened:

The NatGeo Channel Got Me Thinking…

I watched the National Geographic series called, “The 80’s: The Decade That Made Us.” While viewing an episode highlighting the impact Jane Fonda’s movie, “9 to 5,” had on women in the workplace, this thought came to me:

I’d love to get her in a room and hear first-hand what she’s glad she knows now that she didn’t know then about career success for women.

Suddenly, a random list of high-profile, seasoned, female professionals (a/k/a ladies over the age of 40 who I believe could offer interesting insights), popped into my head. I thought, “Can you imagine putting such a diverse group together and asking them all the same question?” The idea for this post was born.

Who’s On My List?

Here’s the unique roster of ladies I would like to see collaborate on a authentic set of career insights for women. My goal was to pick women with different struggles, industry experiences, and professional strengths in order to get some comprehensive perspective:

Jane Fonda – Throughout her life, she’s been confident, controversial, vocal, and determined to make an impact. Currently, she’s playing a powerful female CEO in the HBO series “Newsroom.”

Oprah Winfrey – After decades of incredible success in business and philanthropy, instead of slowing down, she chose to step out of her comfort zone with a highly ambitious project: launching the OWN Network.

Ellen DeGeneres – The first woman to come out on national TV, she’s gone on to build a huge career, including her second year hosting the Oscars.

Betty White – Still working in her 90’s as a leading lady in movies and TV, she’s a mega-star that seems focused on making people smile for as long as she can.

Arianna Huffington – A female entrepreneur who’s never shied away from standing up for her beliefs. I still remember the announcement she had sold The Huffington Post for $250M to AOL. It made me realize the little blog I had just launched had the potential to be so much more.

Sheryl Sandberg – Her highly publicized profile as a key executive at Facebook and her book “Lean In” are inspiring a generation of women to redefine career on their own terms.

Barbara Walters – A huge career in the media and best-known for having done some of the most high-profile professional interviews ever conducted.

Madonna – No stranger to controversy, she built her career on breaking society’s rules for women.

Robin Roberts – Her public battle with cancer while anchoring Good Morning America has been an incredible inspiration.

I realize that is only nine, but I left room for one more so all of you could chime in.

Who should be the 10th woman in the room?

Share your pick in the comments below and tell us why they should join the list.

I look forward to seeing who you come up with.