At the beginning, getting your baby to fall asleep is very easy, especially when they are at the newborn stage. Slowly, things start to change. They grow up and start to sleep less every day.

You start to have problems to get your baby to sleep and the struggle is real.

No matter what you try, your baby won’t sleep. You end up staying up all night trying to make your baby sleep.

So, to help you and other parents with the same issue, I am going to try you 10 Ways to Make A Baby Sleep.

10 Ways to Make A Baby Sleep

Down below, you will find some quick ways to make a baby sleep.

1. Singing or Humming

The first thing your baby hears and get used to is your voice. For the first few months, your voice is their only toy and satisfying sound. Try to sing to them a lullaby and you will get your baby to sleep very easily.

If you don’t like singing or humming, you can pick and purchase the best baby monitors 2017 with a lullaby feature like and the monitoring device will do this task for you.

2. Rocking the Baby

One natural way to make your baby sleep is by rocking him, either in your arms, rocking chair or a baby swing. Make this part of the sleeping routine and your baby will fall asleep very easily.

3. Swaddle the Baby

You can try to swaddle the baby before he goes to bed. Doing so, help mimic the snug comfort of the womb and can also warm your baby.

4. Buy a Pacifier

The pacifier is one of the most important and useful toys to get your baby sleeping. Find which one is your baby’s favorite and use only the best, most cherished pacifier for bedtime.

5. Soothe by Touching

The parent touch is very powerful for a baby. Your baby feels comfortable and secure when his parent touches him. Try to soft touch him, rub his head, stroke the hair or just snuggle him against your chest.

6. Use a dark room

Try to use room darkening shades, heavy curtains or other mini blinds to block the sunlight. Using a dark room will help your baby to fall asleep easier than when there is sunlight.

7. White Noise

Some babies like to have a noise in the background, like a fan or a crib soother. These type of noises are called white noises and are very useful to fall asleep.

8. Make sure your baby is full

When a baby is hungry, he cannot sleep. Just make sure he has a full belly right before going to bed and he will sleep all night long.

9. Get the Gas Out

It is very important for your baby to burp during and after feedings. Doing so will help your baby to get all the harmful gas out of his body. You have to make sure to feed him with his head above the belly, so the burping will happen for sure.

10. Try to Have a Bedtime Routine

One great way to make your baby sleep quickly is by establishing a bedtime routine. Try to set your baby sleeping almost at the same time every day. By doing this, his body will get used to the specific times he needs to sleep.

After he gets used to his sleep routine, will be very easily to sleep and you won’t have sleeping issues anymore.

If you cannot focus on your work and are always thinking if your baby is sleeping or not, then I recommend you to buy a wifi baby monitor, so you can check what your baby is doing in real time.

This are 10 Ways to Make A Baby Sleep. I hope they will help you fix the sleeping issues you have with your little one.