The densely populated Asian country needs English teachers. The demand factor is on the rise. So, if you happen to be a native speaker of the language, getting a suitable placement is not going to be difficult. The country’s economy finds itself on a booming spree, and so if you manage to find an assignment, you will have a wonderfully rewarding time learning, traveling and exploring. As you go looking for employment, keep the following tips, in your mind.

1. TEFL certification is a must

If want a position that is decently paying and competitive; you have to earn this certification. Besides helping you get teaching jobs in China, The TEFL qualification will also help you get the residence permit and the working visa of the Z category.

2. Make use of your previous experience

In case, you don’t have the TEFL certification; then, see if you have work experience. With two years of experience, in the scholastic field, you stand the chance of getting teaching jobs in China. But if you want to settle down in the country, with a valid residence permit, taking the TEFL certification becomes a necessity.

3. Use online recruiters

Study the reviews and compare the approach and ways of the different online recruiters. The latter can help you to get placement in the ESL institutions, public and private schools. From the recruiters, you can also find out the kind of opportunities and the salary you are going to avail.

4. Opt for private schools

If you are well qualified and have the necessary certification, you might, as well, apply for placements in private schools. These schools offer excellent working conditions, and salaries are higher than those offered by the public institutes.

5. Realise the difference

The working scenario at an ESL institution differs from that of a public school, where you have to take regular classes starting from seven past thirty in the morning and continuing till four in the evening. On the other hand, most ESL institutes keep weekend classes for teaching and learning of English. In the latter type, you have to teach only a handful of students, but if you get an employment in a public school you have to teach at least, forty to fifty students. Some of the public schools have as many as five hundred students.

6. Help yourself by learning Chinese

Otherwise, you will have a tough time interacting with students. Moreover, while tutoring English-related lingual skills, you will like to use a link language. If you know Chinese; then, it can serve as the link language.

7. Know the city tiers

That’s because the pay scale of the first tier cities differs from those of the second or the third tier ones. But you have to face less competition if you apply for jobs based on the second or the third tier cities. The expatriate community of the latter cities is also more vibrant than the first tier cities.

8. Use trains for commuting

You can cut down your cost on traveling over long distance by using a train as it happens to be the cheapest mode of transport.

9. Carry your beauty care products

Don’t forget to carry your moisturizers, deodorant, sanitizers and anti-tanning solutions because these items are more expensive in the Asian country than that to which you belong.

10. The work ambiance is different

You have to abide by the contract of the academic institution which is going to appoint you. Questioning those in the authority is not the trend and so you have to get adjusted to the prospect and do as you are told.

A memorable experience

All said and done, you are going to have a wonderful time connecting with passionate English learners, exploring a vastly unique culture, and getting the salary which you deserve. 

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