People have always found a way to entertain themselves. In ancient times they played with different things, the stones, for example. Today, people have the opportunity to plunge into the virtual world. The games are played for a variety of reasons. It is rest, relaxation, the opportunity to show your superiority in something.

Everyone finds the best game he likes. It can be gaming with family or friends. Some particularly gambling people like to tickle their nerves and play slot games online. If you haven’t appreciated their charm yet, then go to book of ra-deluxe and try. But we must admit that video games keep the championship among the younger generation. Do you know when the first video game appeared, and what was it like? So, here are some interesting facts about old video games.

The very first game in the world with a digitised sound was the arcade Mach 3. In addition, it had music tracker.

In the distant 1988 world saw the game F-19 Stealth Fighter. The CIA agents came to the development office before its release. They wanted to know if secret documents were used to create the game. The one more fact about this game. There was a legend among gamers if you collect 100,000 points for one flight, a new secret mission “Moscow flight” will open.

Another video leader of the 80’s was the game Pac-Man. The main character is a pizza without one piece. Most likely, you didn’t even know about such a game, so old it is. Its very first name was the Puck-Man. But then it turned out that in the slot machine part of the first letter is easily removed and it turns into F. Since then, the name of the game changed forever.

The history of video games is full of interesting facts and this is not a complete list of it.