It is very important to maintain your blood sugar. It paves the way to a healthy lifestyle and better health. You tend to increase your metabolism and have more energy throughout the day. With balance sugar level, you can concentrate on your work. You will have a better memory. Most important, it lowers the risk of diabetes and heart disease.

Do you have regular food cravings, irritability, fatigue and mood swings? It is due to imbalance of blood sugar. Maintaining blood sugar level is crucial to minimize the risk of metabolic syndrome and Alzheimer’s disease.

Ten Friendly Habits that Control Blood Sugar Level

1. Eat Enough Fat Foods

• Fat slows down the absorption of sugar in the blood. It prevents you to feel low.

• Eating fats will not increase your body weight

• Fats keep you full for a longer period of time.

• It prevents you from over-eating.

• If you want to keep your sugar in control, add fat.

• You can add coconut oil, egg yolk, nuts and chia seeds in your diet.

2. Don’t Eat Constantly

• Don’t eat small meals in between. It can disturb your hunger.

• Eat when you are feeling hungry.

• Restrict your habit of snacking. It will be difficult in the beginning.

• You will get to know that when your body is in the need of food.

3. Take Proper Protein Foods

• Protein slows down the absorption of sugar in your body.

• Fond of eating sugary food like apple pie? Combine it with some protein like beans, lentils or yogurt.

• It will keep you fill for a longer period of time.

• Eat a high protein breakfast in the morning. It will keep your sugar level in control.

• When you eat less protein and more carbohydrate, then it gets converted into glucose.

• It results in increase in blood sugar. Triggers the pancreas to secrete insulin to flush excess glucose out of the body.

• To avoid this blood sugar roller coaster ride, eat more proteins.

• Proteins slows the uptake of sugar from the blood.

• Protein will reduce the fluctuation of blood sugar after every meal.

• Fish, eggs, poultry, tofu, nuts, and dairy products are rich in protein.

4. Eat Roots and Fruits

• Roots and fruits are great source of carbohydrates.

• You must eat complex starch food like sweet potato. It helps to manage sugar in your body.

• Apples are rich in fiber and aids in better digestion.

• The food that contain fiber slow down the absorption of sugar.

• You can maintain a healthy blood sugar level in your body.

5. Sleep Well

• Many studies have shown that poor sleep leads to obesity and diabetes.

• Less sleep effects your decision making skills.

• It affects leptin hormone that is responsible for satiety.

• Poor sleep decreases insulin sensitivity.

• You must have a good night sleep of 7-9 hours.

• Switch off all the electronic devices one hour before the bed time.

• Ensure a quality and a sound sleep.

• Research has proved that if you sleep for four hours, then insulin sensitivity reduced by 20%.

• Insufficient sleep results in chronic stress on the body. In stress, body have high blood sugar level.

• Poor sleep leads to tiredness. In tired state, you tend to eat more. There is craving for sugar and carbs.

6. Practice Gentle Exercise

• It is not a good option to do cardio exercises if your body is stressed or imbalanced.

• In this case, it can increase the level of cortisol. It has a bad effect on your body.

• Practice yoga or pilates that decreases cortisol level.

• You can also opt for moderate strength training. It helps your body to balance your blood sugar levels.

• Make it a habit to exercise at least three hours a week.

7. Don’t Skip Breakfast

• Break this stereotype that skipping breakfast will help you to lose weight.

• In the absence of calories, your body will burn the existing lean tissues. Body want to regulate the blood sugar level, so it will start breaking them.

• This put strain on your pancreas and liver.

• So, enjoy eating healthy breakfast to stabilize your blood sugar level.

• Breakfast results in your metabolic tone. It plays an important role in stabilizing sugar for the entire day.

• Include protein and fat in your breakfast as they release slow energy. It keeps you full entire day.

8. Away From Artificial Sweeteners

• It was discovered in a research that when rats were given artificial sweeteners, they has higher blood sugar levels.

• Other rats with plain water or water with sugar has normal blood sugar level.

• These sweeteners can alter gut bacteria. It affects the response of body towards glucose.

• Long term users of sweeteners can have high fasting blood sugar.

• These artificial sweeteners like saccharin, aspartame and sucralose send a sweet message to brain. They never deliver energy to the body.

• This lead to the stronger message of hunger and desire for sweets. It leads to sugar cravings.

9. Eat Meals On Regular Time

• Eating meals on regular time is required to stabilize blood sugar.

• Eat a balanced diet containing proteins, carbs and fats.

• You can select protein like fish, egg, beans, chicken, and collagen protein powder.

• Include carbs like vegetables, fruits or whole grains.

• Healthy fats like olive oil, ghee, avocado, nuts, butter and seeds must be taken in your meals.

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10. Test Your Blood Sugar At Home

• You are advised to test your blood sugar on the regular basis.

• Use glucometer to test the sugar at home.

• Monitor your fasting blood sugar. It is a cheap and effective way to take care of your diet and lifestyle.

• Take the test when you wake up in the morning. It is very important.

• Your fasting sugar must be between 70-85 mg/dl.

Thus, you must implement all these sugar controlling methods. Changing your diet and habits brings your blood sugar in control. Thus, follow these friendly habits fro few days. You can yourself observe the change in blood sugar level. These are friendly methods that you can easily follow.