Remember when you were younger and extra cash was easy to stumble on? Every birthday or graduation, your relatives threw cards full of cash at you and you were able to run out and buy that new video game or handbag.

Then you became an adult and started making money, just to see it all go straight to bills, groceries and loans. What happened to the money for the fun stuff?

Whether you want to plan a vacation or pay off debt, (something adults consider fun), it wouldn’t hurt to bring in some extra cash. The process might not be as simple as opening a congratulatory card from your aunt, but earning extra income is more possible than ever.

Because your days are committed to your full-time job, a side job that steals your evenings and weekends sounds like the last thing you want to do. How can you make extra income without committing to another set schedule?

A side job doesn’t have to mean handing over all your free time. Tons of side hustles exist that seem like no work at all and can be done at any time, allowing you to hang out in your own home in your comfy pants.

Earn Extra Cash Online and Offline

Telecommuting or work-from-home arrangements have grown 80 percent since 2005, allowing many people more time to seek out extra work. The Internet allows you to make money in a variety of fields from wherever you have a wireless connection.

If you’re already working from home all day while glued to a computer, plenty of side gigs out there allow you to venture out and get creative. The following ten flexible side gigs include options for both.

1. Test Websites

User Testing is a website that pays you to test websites. You get $10 for each website you test and $15 for each website you test on mobile. The best part is that you don’t have to be super tech savvy.

2. Take Surveys

Survey companies such as Swagbucks, American Consumer Opinion and Product Report Card pay you to answer surveys and test products. The sites are free to join and use.

3. Drive Around

Earn extra income in your spare time by chauffeuring people around your city. Get started with Uber or Lyft. Uber drivers make 28% of the profits and Lyft drivers make 20%. If that’s not enough for you, you can also rent out your car through services like RelayRides (25% of profits go to drivers) or GetAround (drivers get 40% of profits).

4. Participate in Research Studies

If you live near a university or teaching hospital, you can make money participating in studies that need human subjects. This task gives you the added bonus of learning something interesting while making money.

5. Be a Mystery Shopper

Depending on your pace, you can potentially make an extra $200 by being a mystery shopper, and it’s a fun gig. Companies pay you to verify their in-store or over-the-phone experience. You can get reimbursed and paid for shopping or going out to dinner — getting luxury and extra income at the same time!

6. Walk the Dog

If you’re working from home, you’re probably getting up and going for walks anyway. Why not make a few extra bucks along with a new furry friend in that time? On average, you can make up to $24 per hour.

7. Get Crafty

Are you good at graphic design or do you have a knack for making crafts? Selling your items on Etsy is a great way to make your skills work for you. Some families were even able to pay off their debt with their Etsy profits and made it their primary source of income.

8. Get on Fiverr

Fiverr is a marketplace for quick tasks, all of which cost the titular five dollars. If Etsy’s too constricting for you, think of any chore than you can do easily, from designing a logo to recording a minute of audio, and sign up as a service provider on Fiverr.

9. Sell Your Old Stuff

Most people have entire boxes in their attic or closets filled with perfectly good clothes, furniture or toys that they will never use again. By listing those items on eBay, you can get rid of unwanted clutter while making a little extra money.

10. Teach on Udemy

Courses on the website Udemy teach subject matter from the experts that sign up to contribute — they offer more than 40 thousand courses for over 10 million students. Any skills you’ve been using on Fiverr are skills you could be teaching to others, from the basics of a code language to a math course that you aced in college.

Whether you want to be creative, stay online or get out of the house, get started today with one of these side gigs and see just how easy it can be to make some extra cash.