Novice Gambler

Stepping into a casino for the first time, many beginner gamblers are overwhelmed by the completely new kind of fun and excitement they are experiencing. If they are not aware of the rules and the basics of gambling, they can end up losing large amounts of money. It is impossible to learn and remember everything there is to know about casinos and betting in an instant. 

That is why following some simple dos and don’ts is essential, if you want to enjoy your time in the casino and even win some extra money while doing so.

Have the Right Mindset

Approaching gambling with the right mindset is always the most important thing for every beginner. Remember that unless you are a professional gambler, playing in casinos is a recreation for you and you cannot expect to win all the time. Besides, the house always has the edge – most casino games are games of chance, with little or no skill involved, and they have structured in such a way that the odds are always against the player. No matter how good your strategy is, you are more likely to lose than to win. This the mathematical advantage of the house, at least in the long run. If you spin the reels of a slot game a thousand times, you will most probably lose more than you win, but if you play only ten times, there is a chance to go home with a substantial amount of money. So, hope to win, but be prepared to lose.

Do Not Rely Solely on Luck

Luck certainly plays the largest part in winning or losing a game, but it is definitely not the only factor. While the casino will always have the advantage in every single game, this advantage can be minimized by employing certain strategies. For instance, there is a mathematically correct way to play skill games likes blackjack, so that you can increase the odds of winning – remember, your goal is not to hit 21 or close to 21, your goal is to beat the dealer. Another rule many beginners tend not to understand is that the house edge is higher in games that are easy to play like slot machines. So, decide whether you prefer pure entertainment, or you want to avoid spending too much on particular types of games. Choosing the right game may determine whether you win or lose.

Do Not Wager Money on Games You Do Not Understand

Once you realize what house edge is and how it can be minimized, you need to learn the rules of the games you want to play. A good method of understanding a game is to play in practice or demo mode in online casinos. You can also download an app on your phone and try different games with different bets. If you are in a brick-and-mortar casino, simply stand by the table and watch several games before joining. This way you will have a free complete guide to learn the basics of the game and therefore feel more comfortable with the specific terminology and etiquette. Some casinos also offer crash courses on table games free of charge – they are specifically designed for beginners.

Stick to a Preset Gambling Budget

It is a common mistake among tourists in Las Vegas to spend all their money at once – in a single night, or even in a single game, if they become too enthusiastic. A good strategy is to determine daily limits to your spending and never go above them. Even if you win a large amount of money, put those chips away and do not play them through. And if you lose your daily budget within half an hour, simply stop playing.

Do Not Drink Too Much

Many casinos offer complimentary beverages, but gambling when you have a drink or two more can make you spend more than you have planned. If you are not careful, alcohol will cloud your judgment and you will start betting more – and losing more. 

The same is valid if you are upset or stressed. In order to make the best of your gambling experience, you need to think clearly and rationally.

Never Borrow Money to Gamble

One of the biggest misconceptions is the certainty that you will win the next game. With gambling, nothing is certain and losing is always an option. Losing borrowed money, however, is even worse. So, never borrow money for wagering.

Know the Casino Rules

Obviously, you should not enter the casino premises with pets, foods or beverages, not to mention the strict rules against any dangerous objects. However, there are many other rules casino players need to follow if they want a problem-free night out. For instance, most gambling facilities do not allow taking pictures indoors. It is also considered rude to talk on the phone while playing at the tables – make sure you keep your phone on Silent or Vibrate Mode. Also, if you need to speak to someone, head to a bar or a lounge area, or simply go outside.

Bring a Phone or a Watch

Often, casinos do not have windows and watches that can distract the players. The lights are dimmed and there is a constant music with songs that sound similar. In such environment, it may be difficult to navigate and keep track of the time you have spent in the casino. That is why bringing a phone or wristwatch is not just a good idea, it is a practical and a useful one.

Have a Clear Understanding of the Value of Your Chips

If this is your first time in a casino, you may feel uneasy paying with chips. One of the reasons why they are used across casinos, poker rooms, and other gambling venues is that they are confusing for many players. It is not the same to pay in chips and to pay in cash – you are likely to place higher bets with chips than if you were seeing actual bills on the game table. So, yes, chips are very convenient, but they can also mislead you.

Keep Learning

Whether you are gambling just for fun, or you are planning to make a living, try to expand your knowledge of the games. The more you know, the better your chances of winning. Try to be wise with your spending and learn how to minimize your losses. This way you will be effective and successful, even if you are just making your first steps into the world of gambling.