There is one fear all job seekers have – every last one of them. I don’t care how confident you think you are – you have this fear.

Do you know what it is?

It doesn’t matter if you are unemployed, under-employed, or even employed. Whatever your status, if you are looking for a job, deep down, in the darkest part of your mind, there is a fear that is taunting you.

The little voice that says, “This is my fault.”

Let me explain…

When we start looking for a job, we are naturally in an uneasy state-of-mind. Let’s face it: If we had a job we liked and that made us happy, we wouldn’t be looking. By its nature, job search is something that comes from dissatisfaction – a.k.a. pain.

When humans are in pain, and when the pain is severe enough and they can no longer ignore it, it causes them to take action. It’s a natural instinct called, “fight or flight.” In this scenario, humans do one of two things: Run from the pain, or attack the pain in an effort to stop it. Job search is a form of fighting back.

However, your ability to job search effectively is being tainted by a nagging, terrible question: Had you been more proactive in your career and paid attention to the warning signs, could the pain have been avoided altogether?

Worse still, as your job search lags on, you become even more fearful you lack the knowledge and ability to find work, meaning you could be fighting a battle you did not prepare yourself to win. You start to think it’s like you let yourself enter a boxing match in spite of the fact you didn’t train. Your odds of winning are slim – and you know it.

The Blame Game is Useless

When you are a job seeker who hasn’t addressed the “this is my fault” fear, you are blaming yourself unjustly for your situation. And that, my friends, is a surefire way to fail at job search. Going into battle with doubts is not a good thing. You absolutely must forgive yourself and realize all the time and energy spent on lamenting over your situation and who caused it is a waste.

To get a job, you have to be positive and focused on the future, not agonizing over the past. I don’t care what it takes, do what you must to get let go of the blame. Only then, can you move forward.

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